Some Benefits of Morning Sex

Morning sex is all you need to look radiant, healthy, and be the most productive, science says.

Morning sex? Usually, when we think of sex, we immediately associate it with the night-time schedule. However, perhaps we are erring in this fact, since having sex at night implies certain physical wear and tear, which is related to fatigue and wear and tear the next day, which is why various doctors and sexologists recommend that the best time of day to have sex in the morning schedule Jabalpur Escort Service, yes, the famous morning.

Having sex in the morning brings various benefits such as improving your mood, especially when it comes to waking up. In addition, during this time of day, human beings tend to have higher levels of testosterone (men) and estrogens (women), thus, better erections, and greater sexual Jabalpur Call Girl desire and arousal.

In addition to this, having sex in the morning can contribute to having a great day, thanks to dopamine and oxytocin, endorphins that are released during a sex session.

Yes, just like when you exercise in the morning and feel more active. Not forgetting that sex escorts service in Jabalpur could also be part of your cardio dose of the day.

It is also known to all that sex reduces stress levels, so starting the day free from this factor that always overwhelms us is a good option. Although we do not rule out doing it in the evening to forget about all the accumulated tasks and tensions that arise during the day.

So we suggest you have more morning sex with your partner and not leave this session only for the weekend. Time is no excuse.

What the science of sexual response to light says

The sexual interest is also reflected according to the season and the existing ambient light as it becomes a factor promoter. For example, in the Northern Hemisphere, testosterone production declines from November to April and then rises again during spring and summer, reaching its peak in October. That is why the birth rate rises in June, a phenomenon completely given by nature.

A study at the University of Siena in Italy led by Dr Faglioni’s research group in 2016, was given the task of looking for the effect of bright light on the sexual and psychological responses of 38 men.

Those subjected to the active treatment of exposure to light reported increases in their sexual desire from an initial score of 2 to 6.3 after the experiment from a range of 10. Likewise, they found an increase in testosterone levels after 2 weeks, which explained better sexual satisfaction.

Studies like this could suggest that morning sex Jabalpur Escorts Service can be the best thing that could happen to your body because remember also that if it is sexual performance, and it is what you are always looking for, testosterone levels are at their maximum potential right after to wake up. This is not a lie and you can corroborate it because it is another reason that explains the erection of your penis at the beginning of the day.

The benefits of having sex first thing in the morning

1. Your body is naturally programmed for morning sex. Yes, both testosterone in men and estrogens in women reach their highest levels in the morning, this means that sexual desire is higher at this time and, therefore, you will be in a better mood and desire at that time. hour.

2. You will be the sex machine you have always wanted. Hormones aligned, libido to the maximum and being in the perfect mood translate into hours and hours of sex. Well not so much, but it means that your sexual performance will be much better and you will be able to last longer in the act having stronger and therefore more satisfying erections.

3. You will secrete endorphins even as a gift. The sex itself produces these substances that make you happy but imagine being the first to secrete your body. In addition, they are psychotics that help relieve or soothe the pain.

4. You will create a stronger and more effective bond with your partner. Another hormone produced in the brain is oxytocin, which many call the hug, love, or attachment hormone. In this way, you will connect more with your partner inside and outside the sexual act.

5. You will be the employee of the year. A Mattress Advisor survey showed that men have more morning sex than women. Gay or bisexual couples are among those who do it the most at this time of day. And well, most men reported that having it so early made them more productive throughout the day.

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